Well, maybe not heaven exactly since this rock came from deep underground, but it ended up pretty nice. While my forays into various gem topics have been popular, folks have been asking about my current projects. Last year at Tucson, I found the gorgeous “slice” of natural gemstone. Not the currently popular “slices” of tourmalines & diamonds that are slabs of low-grade, highly included material. No, this gemstone was a spectacular perpendicular slice of an amethyst stalactite with a central core of agate. I struggled for months to figure out how the showcase it’s special nature & finally came up with using a large sheet of textured Argentium┬« sterling silver & cutting both the prongs to hold the stone as well as creating the bail all from a single piece of metal. After cutting, I folded and rolled the arms of the setting to achieve this cool look. Currently, the “Jubilee” pendant is installed on a kumihimo woven cord of clear natural rock crystal (clear quartz), but it can easily be transferred to any chain or cord.


The cord will be finished with custom cord ends shortly. This piece it not yet on the website–email me for particulars if you are interested in this truly one-of-a-kind example of nature at her most striking.