Well, better late than never.  This week’s blog was delayed by work & the preparations that TEAM ROCKS is making for their annual pilgrimage to the Tucson Gem, Mineral & Fossil Shows.   Every winter, from about the end of January to the 3rd week in February, the world’s largest collection of gem shows invades the greater Tucson area.  It all started 60 years ago when the Tucson Gem & Mineral Society had a show for a few days.  Over the years, it has grown to include at least 30 major shows run by different organizations, which does not include the many individual sellers who hold court in their hotel rooms & small meeting rooms by appointment only.  You can find everything from huge crates of raw rock just out of the ground to the finest finished precious gemstone jewelry items, along with everything in between as well as jewelry & lapidary equipment.  Some shows are open to the public, but many are for the trade only & require proof of a genuine jewelry or lapidary business.  A week is not enough time to see even a fraction of it all, so we will be there for 8 days with another 2 days for driving back & forth from our homes in San Diego.  The map below represents some of the many show locations–everything from the luxurious Convention Center to virtual tent cities housing hundreds of vendors.  Many organizations offer classes & seminars in a variety of topics.  Complete information can be found many places on line, but try Tucson Gem Shows index.

While we are in Tucson, I will be making some mini blog entries chronicling our adventures every few days.  And, of course, I’ll return with a treasure trove of new gems to create more dazzling jewels over the next year.