Well, at least rainbows–I’ll let you know when I find the unicorns……
Did you know than many gemstones come in a rainbow of colors? When most people think of “garnets”, they picture a deep brownish red, but garnets come in at least 15 or more varieties, ranging from the familiar red to various shades of purple, green, yellow, orange & even clear. The most expensive are demantoid (see last post), mandarin & tsavorite varieties.


Some garnets even change color depending on the ambient light source!


You can read more about garnet colors here.

Sapphires, tourmalines, quartz, diamonds & topaz also come in an amazing array of colors and we’ll look at some of those in future posts.

For now, I’m packing today to head off the beautiful San Francisco for a weekend of great food & shopping, so bye for now…..