It’s been a busy summer here & after an unseasonably hot Labor Day Weekend, fall is in the air. Time for a little escape before the busy fall/holiday show season, so TEAM ROCKS Major Domo, Mary, & I are off to Vegas for some good food, pool time, headliner shows & maybe some indoor skydiving or car racing. My dutiful husband, Red, assisted by my faithful dog walker, Janet, will stay home to watch the pooches. Although they grew up to be gorgeous dogs, this is still my favorite puppy pic of Benny & his new puppy, Zuzu. Yes, Zuzu is his dog, but he lets me play with her anytime I want.


Next week will be the world premier of my B.A.D. (aka Bracelet Attachment Device) which is a elegantly simple solution to the age old problem of putting on your favorite bracelet without having 3 hands. I know that you are all going to want one or more for gifts, but I can’t ship while partying in Sin City, so you will have to wait one more week. Don’t worry–it will be worth it!!