We are so blessed to live in a world with so many forms of artistic expression.  The California Ballet Company is a non-profit organization that presents amazing ballet performances and supports resident professional dancers while training the next generation of dancers or choreographers here in San Diego.  Their annual membership meeting and awards ceremony is coming up Sunday, September 14 at the World Cultural Center in Balboa Park.  La Jolla Rocks is pleased to donate two items to their fund-raising auction to be held in conjunction with that meeting.  For additional information, check out their home page or look for them on Facebook.  You can participate in the auction on-line by clicking here.


Thanks to everyone who turned out for the US Sand Sculpture Challenge and 3D Expo this last weekend.  Those brave souls who endured the very warm weather were witness to some amazing, albeit temporary, art works.  A special thanks to my Team Rocks (Donna, Mary & Red) for their apparently unlimited energy and unflagging support of my own artistic adventure.